Medical Eye Examinations

A medical eye examination includes a number of tests and procedures to evaluate the health of your eyes. These tests range from simple ones, like having you read an eye chart, to complex tests, such as using high-powered lenses to examine the inside of your eyes. A complete evaluation is called a comprehensive medical eye examination and includes the following services.

Patient History

Common sense, medicolegal requirements, and insurance company regulations demand a reasonably thorough patient history when the patient begins the examination process.

The level of patient history that is documented is dependent on the clinical judgment of the doctor and the nature of the presenting problem.

General Medical Observation

This is the act of watching the patient carefully and attentively. This service component provides the doctor with a method to identify the presence of ocular or systemic conditions that may exist without symptoms.

Gross Visual Fields

Abnormal visual fields are a clinical sign of eye disease. Our office uses automated and manual examination techniques to evaluate your visual field.

Basic Sensorimotor Evaluation

To have the best vision, it is important for the eyes to work together as a team. We evaluate your sensorimotor system by measuring ocular alignment, extraocular muscle function and your eye’s focusing ability.

When medically necessary, a more comprehensive evaluation of the sensorimotor system may be ordered to include tests of sensory function, sensory adaptation, and multiple measurements of ocular alignment.